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About one and a half trillion dollars has gone into Aid to Africa in the last 50 years. (It is difficult to define aid; the US, for example, include supplies of arms to both Israel and Egypt, amounting to about $7 billion a year.)

GM Crops Debate

Today, in the pages of the Independent, is the beginning of a nice row on GM seeds.  Apparently, according to the articles, the Action Aid people in Uganda have been telling the world that GM is bad for you!  This message is accompanied by the picture of a rat with a, GM related, tumour.  It was a local person on the team that included this information in their literature.  Their office in London made them take it down quickly.  London is the main funder of the work they undertake in Uganda and they did not want to back what is patently a lie.

Melinda and Bill Gates Report

It says all the right things - that Africa can feed itself, that there is plenty of land, that productivity in Africa can increase enormously, and so on. But then it goes off the rails  because it misses a key factor; that the conditions in Africa are not the same as in North America.

Our man in East Africa

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