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Access to Market

Submitted on behalf of Farmers: "For an isolated farmer, the key challenge is to have access to some assured markets - someone who can buy from us and not take advantage of the fact that we produce in small quantities and often do not have the right quality of the produce.   Would you be able to help us perhaps by publishing a list of organisations that might be willing to help us? There will be bodies that help us because they have an interest (perhaps breweries who might wish to buy sorghum for local beer production). We hear that UNICEF often buys groundnut and milk from local farmers to make biscuits that are given to local feeding centres. We know that there are foreign companies that might want mangoes or bananas for export. We know that the World Food Program buys every year lot of local produce for their warehouses. How could we hear of all of these and others, where to turn and how to consult them?"