Pumpkin farming

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Pumpkin farming


A colleague visited US last year and came back to Malawi with a packet of pumpkin seeds. He was impressed with the gigantic pumpkins he saw at a pumpkin show in one of the states. He claims one pumpkin at the show weighed more than a ton. (I saw the pictures). He thought the pumpkins if grown in Malawi would solve the food insecurity challenges. He distributed the seeds to farmers at a local church last November. The problem is that they  just grew vegetatively with the flowers dropping off (without forming a fruit).   Immediately the flowers opened up, they withered the following two to three days. They were no insects or any sign of attack. Any advice out there on what might have gone wrong? He still has two seeds. He holds to his belief that those huge pumpkins would be an answer to the challenges of food insecurity.