Welcome to Grassroots Africa

Grassroots Africa is an advisory service for farmers in Africa, initially being piloted in East Africa.  It aims to deliver answers to everyday questions from farmers: My tomatoes have blight, how do I cure it? How do I preserve my seeds for the next season? How do I prevent rats from eating my plants?

Forums and FAQs

Farmers or their intermediaries can raise questions and issues on the Farmer Questions forum.  Or look at the list of 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQs), which give answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

Using the site

If you would like to ask or answer Farmer Questions, please click on 'Create new account' within the login form at the left of the page.  Then choose a username and tell us about yourself.  Finish by clicking <Create new account> at the bottom of the screen.  The registrar will then process your details and send you a login email. 

If you do not wish to register, but are interested in hearing more about Grassroots Africa, please email us at: enquiries@grassrootsafrica.org