Melinda and Bill Gates Report

It says all the right things - that Africa can feed itself, that there is plenty of land, that productivity in Africa can increase enormously, and so on. But then it goes off the rails  because it misses a key factor; that the conditions in Africa are not the same as in North America.  He (I suppose that he is surrounded by the best minds on American agriculture to advice him and they are wrong, but very powerful) is wrong in thinking that the tools and methods and practices that he is familiar with in North America (both US and Canada are mentioned in the article and his letter) can work in the social, political and even physical environment of Europe. When it comes to sub-Saharan Africa, the chasm between what can work in the North and what can work in the South is absolutely enormous - we do not speak the same language both figuratively and literally speaking -  and it is an illusion of monumental size with criminal implications on the lives of the peoples of the South.  How do I say that to the world at large?  There are some fundamental factors at play - lack of roads for example; in the whole of the DRC, the report says, there are about 2,000 km of tarmacked roads. The country is about the size of Western Europe and the amount of good roads is about the same as a medium sized city in Western Europe. According to professor Caloustous Juma at Harvard University (a Kenyan), it takes the average African woman 4 hours to reach a local market to try to sell her few products - carrying her wares on her head - and then to trudge back to her village another 4 hours at the end of the day.