my well has a manual pump. How to add an electric pump?

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my well has a manual pump. How to add an electric pump?

Hi all, see below a request from a NGO trying to help a farming community in Burkina Faso: 

"My project is very small compared to oil and gas project as you can imagine. We have built and we are maintaining several wells in a poor suburb of Ouagadougou.

5 wells that range from 40m to 100m. They all work with manual pumps like the ones you can see in the pictures.

  One of this well is dedicated to the irrigation of a vegetable garden of roughly one hectare, managed by widows. They have asked us to support them to put a system that would help them to extract water more easily.

So we are planning to have this well operated with a motor that would be powered by solar panels. And we still want the well to have the possibility to be operated manually in case the system is down for any reasons.

I would really appreciate any type of connection to relevant NGOs that would share their expertise in helping us designing and setting up such a system. We have a limited experience in this field. So your help will be greatly appreciated."

Vincent Penasse, on behalf of a friend