Are humans so different to cattle? Opuntia in droughts

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Are humans so different to cattle? Opuntia in droughts


When cattle find themselves in an area surrounded by spiny Opuntia and they are starving they start to eat the hedge. This despite the painful spines that lacerate their mouths!

Thus they can continue to live for months being both fed and watered thanks to wonderful Opuntia which is 90% water.

Humans, who could see the drought coming, might have planted non-spiny Prickly Pear Opuntia and learnt several recipes. One of them involves both boiling and frying plus an egg for a delicious breakfast!


For those who doubt whether droughts are more frequent may I suggest they subscrible to the excellent publication Barza found at where I have just started reading;

Drying up: It’s time to take a stand against drought!

Welcome to Barza Wire! In issue #338, we feature stories about two increasingly important factors in farmers’ lives—drought and deforestation. We look at efforts in Malawi and Mali which offer some hope, and report on the worsening drought in Zimbabwe.