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Ants in groundnuts


Ants is one of the pest that affect groundnuts quality in the field. What are some ways to deal with this problem? are there any chemicals which can be used?


Do you know about the Leanring exchange with the Caribbean and Latin America


I wonder if members have seen this opportunity to link with the Caribbean and Latin America through ELLA  (Evidence and Lessons from Latin America.  They have a new online Learning Alliances feature.

I attach the link here  ella.practicalaction.org/learningalliances/introduction/





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maize varities to cope with climate change

Which type of maize varieties should be used to cope up with the current climate change for example currently there is a change in the amount of rainfall in different areas in Malawi and also rain either starts early or late than expected

GM Crops Debate

Today, in the pages of the Independent, is the beginning of a nice row on GM seeds.  Apparently, according to the articles, the Action Aid people in Uganda have been telling the world that GM is bad for you!  This message is accompanied by the picture of a rat with a, GM related, tumour.  It was a local person on the team that included this information in their literature.  Their office in London made them take it down quickly.  London is the main funder of the work they undertake in Uganda and they did not want to back what is patently a lie.

Melinda and Bill Gates Report

It says all the right things - that Africa can feed itself, that there is plenty of land, that productivity in Africa can increase enormously, and so on. But then it goes off the rails  because it misses a key factor; that the conditions in Africa are not the same as in North America.

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