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Maize preservation

How can I preserve my maize naturally without using chemicals after harvesting? (Odongo Newton, 45yrs, Lira Municipality, Northern Uganda).

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Maize pests

Below is a photo of maize leaves attacked by some pests. How can this pests be controlled since it has become a major problem for maize growers here?

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Dressing maize seeds

How can I dress my maize seeds locally from the village here? (Obua Bonny, 28yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda)

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Size of maize seeds

What is the best size of a quality maize seeds suitable for planting? (Obua Bonny, 28yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda)

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Control of rodents in maize garden

I am a maize farmer who has been in this business for years, but when I plant my maize, it's sometimes destroyed by rodents. How can I control the rodents from attacking my maize? (Acan Yolanda, Amuru District, Northern Uganda)

Causes of Corn smut

What causes corn smut, and is there a way that I can use to control corn smut organically without application of petsicides? 

Odongo Geoffrey a farmer in  Agweng Sub County, Lira District,  Northern Uganda) 



Causes of partially filled maize/Corn Ear


Last year, I planted 3 hecters of Maize/Corn, unfortunately during harvet I realised that 30% of the maize in the garden had it's ear partially filled. What could have caused it? (Odongo Jimmy, Aromo Sub County, Lira District, Northern Uganda)


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Control of maize stock borer

Maize stock borer has remained a very big problem for my maize crop production. How can i prevent/control this? (Opige Freddy, 45yrs, Gulu District, Northern Uganda)

Biodegradeable mulch impact on maize/soya yields


We are looking at ways to boost Malawi smallholder maize and soya yields. There are claims that using biodegradeable starch mulch can boost maize yields to 9 mt per hectare and soya to 2.5 mt per hectare. Is this right and is there any academic study on this to look at? 

Many thanks


When to plant an early maturing maize variety?


Question from a farmer in Mkushi, Zambia: The rains are late in our part of Zambia. I'm a farmer doing conservation farming who prepared early and has already brought medium maturity maize seed, but I am still waiting for a good rain to plant. We normally plant before 25th Novmeber for good yields, but it is now 8th December. We don't know when the rains will finish, usually end of March, so how long should I leave it until I go and buy early maturing maize seed, bearing in mind the cost of buying seed again?



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