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Time for spraying beans

When should i start spraying beans after planting? (Lawoko Patrick, 33yrs, Amuru District, Northen Uganda)

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Issue with planting beans after harvesting groundnuts in the same land


Why is it that beans planted in the same garden where groundnuts have been harvested do not yield well? I have found that once I have planted and harvested groundnuts, when I then plant beans in the same land the crop does not do well.

Otika Richard (30), farmer in Ongako sub county, Gulu District


Glowing worms and beans in northern Uganda

I have received this feedback from northern Uganda. As you will see they are using Hibiscus to help solve the problem of glowing worms and I was wondering if you have any better/different ideas as it it seems a waste of Hibiscus!

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