Mosaic Viruses of Cassava

Dear All,

I would like to ask  that 

1. Have my photos of Cassava in attached get Mosaic or not?

2. If it Mosaic viruses how can I control and protect it?

3. What kind or formula of Chemical that can protect it?


I hope I will get advises from all of you,


With my best regards,




cassava brown streak

 I grow cassava on large scale yearly, but cassava brown streak disease is a big threat, how can I mange this disease.?

Okello Tonny27years, Aromo Sub County_Lira, Northern Uganda 

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Rotting of cassava tubers

My casssava tubers are getting rotten and the leaves turning yellow. The problem is becoming serious now though it's not yet mature, what causes this? How can I control it? (Aboke Alfred, 53yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda)

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Control of cassava mosaic

How can cassava mosaic be controlled? (Aunu Gloria, 22yrs, Gulu District, Northern Uganda)

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How can I prevent Cassava Mosaic Viral Disease? (CMVD)

Which chemical can be used to combat Cassava Mosaic Viral Disease (CMVD) in Cassava?

(from Wilson Kayambi of Mabare, Tanzania)



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