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Chicken disease

My chicken are passing some white yellowish faeces with blood and their feathers appear rough and wings drop. These are local chickens and their ages range from two weeks to two months. What could be the disease? What is the possible treatment? (Okeng Paibii, 60yrs, Lira district, Northern Uganda)

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Cough in chickens


How can I prevent and treat cough in chickens?

This cough is effecting many of my chickens and eventually they are dying of this illness.

Otika Richard, (30) Ongako sub- county, Gulu District


Chickens dying: growth around beak and blisters

My chickens have abnormal growth around the beak with some blisters and so far 4 died and more are affected, what i can do to arrest the situation? (Kucwiny, Uganda)



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