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Dry Compost sifting

Should compost ever be allowed to dry out completely after it's ready? We find it is then easier to sift the big chunks out when it's dry.



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How Good is Avocade Leaves Compost

How Good  is Avocado Leaves Compost.


I have a very large avocado tree whose leaves fall off in the months of August. I collect the leaves and make a compost. I have been pouring plenty of water on the compost. Would some expert please recommend to which crops and how to apply this type of compost.




Hosea Tokwe




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Maize husks in compost piles

Can you use large amounts of maize husks in compost piles? Should we cut them up?



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Ratios for compost piles

What different ratios should we use when making compost piles with goat, cow, chicken, duck and/or pig manure?



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Compost problem

If a compost pile never heats up what might be the cause? Could it be too much water?



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Human manure for veg

Is it safe to use human manure to grow vegetables?



Can I use water hycinth as compost? Naweza kutumia magugu maji kama mbolea?


Kutoka kwa ALFRED MUGANYIZI  (+255764222145) wa Kyaka, wilaya ya Missenyi, Tanzania: Hapa tuna magugu maji mengi katika mto Kagera. Magugu haya yanatusumbua sana na yamekuwa kero. Je ninaweza kutumia magugu maji kama mbolea shambani? (Notes: this farmer is asking whether you can use WATER HYCINTH as compost and use it on gardens. How can he utilize water hycinth as compost)


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