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Pineapple garden disease




My pineapple garden is effected by a disease that makes the leaves turn yellow, then grey, then the leaves and fruit dies off. What is this disease? How can it be prevented?

On behalf of Otika Richard, Gulu northern Uganda.

Diseases of bees


What are the most common and deadly diseases that affect bees, if any, how  can this be managed?

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Spraying chemical on beans for Blight


Should we the same chemical for spraying on beans as on groundnuts for the treatment of Blight?

(the word for the disease is Amoo in Acholi, we will check if this is the correct name for the disease and edit this question.)

Opiyo Francis (19 years old) from Ongako sub- county, Gulu, northern Uganda





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Sickness in chicken




I am losing my chicken almost on a daily basis from a sickness characterised by white watery faeces, standing feathers and inability to move and feed. What could be the causes and treatment?

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