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Human fertiliser

How should human urine be used as a fertiliser? Does it need to be diluted and can we use it on our maize fields?



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Can fertilizer protect crops during drought?

Is it true that if you cultivate maize using fertilizers there is a possibility the field will be less affected with drought that may occur in a particular season?

(from Diana of Mumuhamba region, Tanzania)


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Fertilizers: use different ones for "planting" and "growing"?

Is there any difference between fertilizers for planting and fertilizers for growing?

(from Diana of Mumuhamba region, Tanzania)



Growing vegetables near toilets

As our community grows the area has become saturated with homes and toilets. People are still wanting to grow small vegetable patches in their plots but have no choice but to plant them in close proximity to pit toilets. What are the risks? 

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