Groundnut yellow ants: name and control


what is thename given to yellow ants that burrow groundnut pods in the soil? How can one control it?


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Issue with planting beans after harvesting groundnuts in the same land


Why is it that beans planted in the same garden where groundnuts have been harvested do not yield well? I have found that once I have planted and harvested groundnuts, when I then plant beans in the same land the crop does not do well.

Otika Richard (30), farmer in Ongako sub county, Gulu District


"Gor" squirrel: how can I stop them destroying groundnuts?

There are some small animal in the family of squirrels locally called “gor” it is very destructive to ground nuts they can destroy an acre within two weeks and the problem is all over the district, how can we prevent , control or kill these animals? (Kucwiny, Uganda)



Gypsum on groundnuts?

Question from a farmer in Zambia: Some organisations have started promoting gypsum as a good thing to put on groundnuts when they are flowering. Is it worth it?


Peanut Processing Equipment

I'm looking for information about small-scale peanut (groundnut) processing equipment available in Liberia. I am asking on behalf of someone who works with women in Liberia who produce peanuts in large quantity but lack the means to process the surplus that they do not sell fresh. They are interested in locating simple affordable peanut processing machinery for the women to assist them add value to their produce and earn good price.

Thanks Mary




Using marginal analysis, which crop can farmers be advised to grow among, cotton, tobacco, beans and groundnuts 


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