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Harvesting honey

How often should I harvest my honey? (Okodi Celestino, 45yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda)

bitterness of Honey

am a farmer practicing Apiary but have had complains from people who buy my honey that the honey is bitter, what could be the cause of the bitterness of my honey? remember my honey is always first class but the complain has been registered more twice  (Odongo Jimmy, 25yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda).


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Methods of harvesting honey

What are the best methods of harvesting honey from a bee hive for small scale bee farmers(Okello Charles, 25yrs, Amuru District, Northern Uganda)

How do I control wax moth in bee hives?

  1. How do i prevent, control or kill wax moth?
  2. How can treat the bee hives that have been affected by wax moth so that i can use it again within a shorter period?
  3. Which organic chemical can i use that can kill the worms without harming the environment? (Olago parish in Kucwiny, Uganda)



How do i get a better market for 500kg of honey?

I’m a apiary farmer and every harvest period i got more than 500 kilograms of honey and my major challenge is how to get a better market for my product? (Otholony village in Kucwiny, Uganda)



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