pigeon peas

variety of pigeon peas


What varieties of pigeon peas is suitable for semi arid region. 

Abonyo Lucky 25 years, ogur Sub County, Lira, Northern Uganda 


pest of pigeon peas


what are the major pests of pigeon peas?

Omara Ambrose William, Agweng-Lira District, Northern Uganda.  


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Spray of Pigeon peas

When should pigeon peas be sprayed after planting in order to realise high yields?(Acan Yolanda, Amuru District, Northern Uganda)

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Spray of Pigeon peas

What is the best chemical for spraying pigeon peas and what is the recommended quantity? (Acan Yolanda,45yrs,Amuru District, Northern Uganda)

why insects attack pigeaon peas before they mature

I grow pigeon peas but they are attacked by insects before they mature. How can I prevent pigeon peas from attach by insects



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