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Replanting improved seeds

How many times can improved seeds be replanted and still have high yields? (Opio Leo, 26yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda)

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Seeds storage

How should I store my seeds to be healthy for the next planting season i.e for four months ahead? (Opiyo Leo, 26yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda)

Replant of New seed variety.

How many times can one replant a new seed variety from a reseach centre, a case in ponit is Sunflower and Soya Beans? 

(Okello Norman 26years, Aromo, Lira District, Northern Uganda) 




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Imported seeds

Why is it that imported seeds need more care and are more vulnerable to diseases than the local ones we have here in Northern Uganda, especially vegetables?(Acan Beatrice, 24yrs, Gulu District, Northern Uganda)

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