Soya beans

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Spacing soya beans

How can I space my soya beans in order to have good harvest? (Obong Gilbert, 25yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda

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Spraying soya beans

After how many days/weeks can I start spraying soya beans from the date of planting. How many times should soya beans be sprayed before harvesting time? (Opio Leo, 26yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda)

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Best variety

I heard there are many varieties of soya beans. Which one is the best interms of yields and fast maturity? (Opio Leo, 26yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda)

What are the best ways to cook soya beans so theur are palatable?


Soya beans is said to be very nutritious. But  when cooked, its taste is not delicious and so my children do not want to eat it. What can I do to make my children like to it because I am convinced, it will improve their health and nutrition. Angelina Kadede is a mother of 3 year old kid and also a farmer in Rugu ward, Karagwe, Tanzania.

Bean Weevils & storage of seeds

Bean Weevils & storage of seeds

Farmers in Northern Uganda are challenged with weevils eating soya bean seeds which are being stored.  Are there any suggestions on what they can do?

Thank you

Alison Hall - on behalf of the Seeds for Development farmers in northern Uganda



Harvesting Soya Beans

In Zambia we are reaching the time to harvest soya beans. What is the most effecient way for small-scale farmers to harvest them that minimises waste/bean loss? 

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