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Soil living organisms

How can I protect my vegetables eg cabbage, tomatoes etc from soil living organisms which eat the roots from underground, especially within the first few weeks from time of transplantation, making the crops to dry off? (Obua Bonny, 28yrs, Lira District, Northern Uganda)

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SCHOOL VEGETABLE GARDENSFood For Thought... Africa gives, but just as quickly, it takes away, and so before embarking on a project I look to the merits and potential diversity within, before funding commences.Intangible returns are never less valuable than the obvious financial returns in a project, and these can lead to far greater rewards in the longer term.  To illustrate my point, let us begin to examine the potential benefits of starting a humble vegetable garden at school. 1. Food production for own consumption (Subsidise the School Feeding Programme)2.

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