Challenges in agriculture facing people in area with single rain season per year

In mwanza Tanzania  the big agricultural challenge is that there is only one rain season and the selection of crops is very tough job to the farmers because most of the crops which sustain drought like millet are not given priority by the farmers due cultural backgrounds, however there are no adequate rivers or any water sources which are perrenial, due to food insecurity mostly in these areas to the small farmers how to go about this situation.

Collecting rainwater

I do not have enough money to buy buckets. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could use to collect rainwater, to water my plants with?

Watering new seedlings

I have seed nursery and some of the plants need to be watered constantly. Can you suggest a cheap way to provide constant water to new seedlings?

Filter salty water

Lake Langano, which is the nearest source of water to us in Ethiopia, is salty. What is the most effective way to filter the salty water so that we can use it to water our plants? 

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